Comedians, Careers and the Bermuda Triangle of Life

Chris Rock, Comedian“Comedians tend to find a comfort zone and stay there and do lamer versions of themselves  for the rest of their career.”  – Chris Rock

If you pay attention you will notice that the best comedians are those who present to us real life with a twist. Think about your favorite comedian or even just a friend who always has everyone in tears because they’ve laughed so much. What is usually the focus of their humour? Life. Your life. My life. Their own lives. Life in general. Comedians take the things that delight us, annoy us, anger us and even the things that frighten us and weave them into a twisted, lighter version of reality that if done properly, leaves us laughing at the situation and at ourselves.

With that said, a quote from one of my favorite comedians and actors, Chris Rock, made me think about how so many people approach their careers and their lives. He said, “Comedians tend to find a comfort zone and stay there and do lamer versions of themselves  for the rest of their career.”  A quick mental review of some of my favorite comedians and their careers over time, confirmed that statement for me.  Just to given on example, the late Richard Pryor was and will forever be known for his translations of racial and political issues into hilarious and profanity-infused performances.  And among today’s comedians and comedic actors, it seems that those most sought after are indeed living in their comfort zone and raking in the bucks. Honestly, I don’t think I can bear to see Ben Stiller in another movie as the underdog son-in-law, underdog security guard, underdog underdog … you get the idea.

Ok, it does seem that this is a matter of defining a niche, so these comedians are known for a certain type of humour and its delivery, and this becomes their comfort zone on stage, which is great for their bank accounts and careers, at least for a while. And, yes, it is wonderful to find that place where everything comes easily to you, the point at which you exhale and float for while. But  the thing to remember is that your comfort zone is designed to function as a transit area, you can’t you grow if you only stay with what you know!  Trust me on this one, I tried it for years.  You simply can’t shine your brightest and you  run the risk of burning out on the inside, if you don’t embrace and express your whole magnificent, authentic self.

If you don’t regard your comfort zone as a transit area, the place to get on the next platform for growth, it becomes the Bermuda triangle of life! If you stay there, your dreams,  your talent, your opportunities and years of your life can get sucked in and disappear. More than that YOU disappear, because when you refuse to be who you are  meant , instead of some lame version of yourself, you diminish and atrophy. At some point you find yourself saying, “What happened? I wanted to do this,  experience that. Now the time is gone and I am not who I want to be.” Curtain call.

As any good comedian would tell you, you don’t stop pulling punches until the curtain falls, so right now is still an excellent time to drop the lame act and turn the spotlight on who you really are. Don’t worry about the audience, life isn’t meant to be a spectator event – and don’t we all love happy endings?

If you are ready to be who you are meant to be and live your ideal life, I’d love to help.    I’ll help you align your personal and professional goals to your core values.  I’ll help you avoid burn-out and bounce back from burnout.  I’ll help you define, design and realize the life you want. The result is better health, better relationships and your ideal life with passion, purpose and success however you define it, in as little as 12 weeks,

About Denise Banks-Grasedyck, Coach. Consultant. Speaker.

I'm an entrepreneur, a wife and a mother. I'm a Freedom Fighter for the overcommitted professional and a designer of Ideal-Life and Business blueprints. Discovering and developing simple solutions to complex challenges is one of my super powers. I write about life and business and everything that intersects them.
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10 Responses to Comedians, Careers and the Bermuda Triangle of Life

  1. Wendi Kelly says:

    This is exactly why Deb and I do an annual retreat, either in person or online, 3-4 days a year, where we focus only on US and OUR BUSINESS and VISION so we can map out the future. Stuck in a rut is the death toll of creativity and creativepreneurs.

  2. Jill says:

    I love that! You can’t you grow if you only stay with what you know, this is so true! We get comfortable and then we don’t push ourselves so we stop growing. Having someone to keep you accountable is really the best way to get moving!

  3. Patrice Dunckley says:

    Love the way you presented the benefits and pitfalls of comfort zones!

  4. Keep it growing! Ruts are not fun and if you’re being honest with yourself, you already know when you’re in one. Then it’s time to step back and take stock. Wendi and I recently felt that way about our ezine, so we turned to our audience for answers. The feedback was a huge help and now we have something different and exciting. We’ve even managed to get the readers who weren’t reading anymore, interested again. Yay!

  5. Funnermother says:

    Ack, I feel the same way about Tom Hanks that you do about Ben Stiller. It seems like there’s so much cultural emphasis on ‘mastery’ there’s no room for exploration, experimentation, even (heaven forfend!) failure. Keeping your comfort zone, it seems, cheats yourself, but it cheats all of us — we lose the chance to see someone shape shift, try something new, fly in a different direction. Thank you for this, Denise!

  6. Fay says:

    It is so very easy to stay in that comfort zone. I’m amazed at how strong our human tendency to stay there is. It really does take a conscious effort to move on, and I don’t want to regret that I didn’t take that big step so that I can live the life I really dream of! Thanks for the article!

  7. “You can’t grow if you only stay with what’s you know.” So true Denise! While its nice for thins to be easy for a little while, the comfort zone is definitely not a place to stay. I love your idea of thinking f I as a transitional place in which to plan the next bold leaps!

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