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You Take Care of Business – Remember Your Other Relationships Too

I recently conducted a two-question survey to find out what my readers would like for me to write about in my “Fantastic Friday” posts on my Facebook page. This was great because the purpose behind my Facebook page, as well … Continue reading

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How Can I Serve You Better? A Two-Question Survey

“Curiosity  is one of the forms of feminine bravery.” Victor  Hugo I’m really curious to find out, how can I help you more and serve you better? One of the main reasons I decided to make coaching my full-time occupation, … Continue reading

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Full-Stop Ahead: When Vacation Becomes a Pre-Cursor to Burn Out – 6 Red Flags

“It is not more vacation we need – it is more vocation” – Eleanor Roosevelt   Full-Stop Ahead:  When Vacation Becomes a Pre-Cursor to Burn Out A few weeks ago, my family and I spontaneously decided to take a mini-vacation … Continue reading

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You Have a Choice – A Real Life Story with a Happy Ending

On a typical Monday morning Jess* was getting ready to go to her ultra-stylish office in the law practice, where she had advanced at a break-neck pace, and become a very young senior associate.Jess stood ironing one of her two dozen … Continue reading

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