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Can doing what you love turn a weakness into a strength?

Imagine what your life would look like, if you claimed your strength to be authentic and to do what you love, simply because you can. Remember, inspiration or desperation, if you have the urge to take action, do it. Continue reading

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Your Intuition – Ignore It At Your Own Risk!

I hear an eerily familiar voice and for an instant I freeze, my hands glued to the shopping cart. My gaze is fixed straight ahead on nothing. I can’t see his face. I don’t need to see it. I know … Continue reading

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How to Handle Other People’s Opinions: 3 Reasons They Trigger You and 3 Tips to Handle Them With Ease

Do you spend more time than you would like worrying, fretting or even agonizing about other people’s opinions of you? You are not alone, many people do the same every single day. If we allow it to, this behavior can … Continue reading

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4 Tips to Improve Communication, So You Don’t Have to Whack Anyone with a Book

The inability to communicate effectively can lead to dire consequences including disengagement at work, stress at home and unnecessary frustration in life. One solution is to hit people over the head with a very heavy hard-cover book. Read this if … Continue reading

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Dreams – Some People Would Die For Theirs. Is Yours Worth Living For?

The bigger, the bolder our dreams are, the more daunting they can seem to us. The more we value something, the greater is the fear of taking the wrong action, so we take no action at all. But a dream … Continue reading

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What You Should Know to Keep Your Promises to Yourself and Reach Your Goals in 2015

Knowing what you want is great, but it isn’t enough to keep you motivated and strong when pursuing your goal gets really tough. Knowing the why behind your wants and the promises you make to yourself can make the difference … Continue reading

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Core Value Alignment – It Can Save You a Lot of Tears

It’s the kind of restroom you expect to find in an upscale office complex; the walls go from floor to ceiling instead of the half-stalls that leave your feet exposed. Perhaps it is the solid wall that creates the impression … Continue reading

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Do You Have to Break the Internet to Claim Your Space in the World?

“Break the Internet” the caption reads. A voluptuous Kim Kardashian beckons to me with a serious weapon from her feminine arsenal. Alas, it is all wasted on me. Even if she is attractive and has a much bigger … personality … Continue reading

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Look What I Made and Three Questions for Less Holiday Stress

“Oh my goodness! Those pies look delicious, but holiday baking stresses me, in fact the entire holiday season totally stresses me out!” This is how I was greeted, when recently, I showed up to our church’s Thanksgiving event with my … Continue reading

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Magic Cap Prevents Abuse – Forbes and Dalai Lama, “Compassion is Essential”

I look in the mirror… Whew! No black eye, no bruised cheek, no bloody lip. No physical evidence of the abuse, abuse I have subjected myself to over the last couple of weeks, all because I took off my CAP. … Continue reading

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