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What You Should Know to Keep Your Promises to Yourself and Reach Your Goals in 2015

Knowing what you want is great, but it isn’t enough to keep you motivated and strong when pursuing your goal gets really tough. Knowing the why behind your wants and the promises you make to yourself can make the difference … Continue reading

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The Little Beast Called “Conference Call” – Another Foe of the Overcommitted Professional

People walk in at various stages of a meeting that has more or less begun. They are introduced by the “off-camera” voice of the virtual operator. They introduce themselves again. They talk over each other, coffee machines hiss, buzzers buzz, … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions and How to Make Promises that You Keep

It is when we take a closer look at the nature of broken resolutions and neglected goals that we realize that the promises that we repeatedly make and break to ourselves are harmful and left to nest at the back … Continue reading

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