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Look What I Made and Three Questions for Less Holiday Stress

“Oh my goodness! Those pies look delicious, but holiday baking stresses me, in fact the entire holiday season totally stresses me out!” This is how I was greeted, when recently, I showed up to our church’s Thanksgiving event with my … Continue reading

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Full-Stop Ahead: When Vacation Becomes a Pre-Cursor to Burn Out – 6 Red Flags

“It is not more vacation we need – it is more vocation” – Eleanor Roosevelt   Full-Stop Ahead:  When Vacation Becomes a Pre-Cursor to Burn Out A few weeks ago, my family and I spontaneously decided to take a mini-vacation … Continue reading

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Got Happy? A super simple formula for an all-around awesome life!

How much would you pay to have a formula that when applied, virtually guarantees that you become happier and your life will be more fulfilling and more aligned with the difference you want to make in the world? And what … Continue reading

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Burn-Out? Make it Magical Mondays instead!

After a great three-week vacation spent visiting family and friends in the U.S., today was my first day back at work – Magical Monday! As a coach and veteran of the corporate workplace, I know very well that not everyone … Continue reading

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